Valentina Sammaciccia (Lanciano, 1993), lives and works in Urbino.
Her research is principally based on the analysis and the nature of the real and unreal. Her interest is
focused on the creation of a series of connections structured on mental processes mostly and on
reproducing them through a spatial composition of reality. The action of the photographic image, that fix
the process, is what we percieve through the ritinal images. A philosophical approach to the image that is
recondensed through the visual-istallative comunication.

Inside her images the iconography shows ambients but the human presence is never abstent, that is sett off
by the research about the figure that presents a conceptual result. This result comes one side from storical
and phylosophical ideosyncrasis and on the other from scientific ones, also investigating social and
paranormal aspects belonging to the individual that she generally knows and feels a strickt connection with
it. The decodification of emotions through images is concretized trough symbols, the decoration also has
the same issue and the metaphysical vision concludes a yield giving a personal vision of reality.

“It is not important answering what art is, but why we are asking this question”. Samma