“Vibration” series talks about freedom of purity of the feeling, of the perception of ourselves and perception of what surrounds us. Body get in touch with the space and their beauties meangle together. It is a game between strength and elegance, it is a game between contrast of color. The flower becoming a dress and a weapon underlines the contact of the subject with the surrounding nature. Feeling determines the condition of total perception of what is front and what is inside.

Vibrazione, “Omaggio”, 2018, stampa su carta, legno, 50x50cm.
Vibrazione, “Déjeuner sur la flaque”, 2018, stampa su carta cotone, dibond, 70x50cm.
Vibrazione, “Oltre me”, 2018, stampa su carta, legno, seta, 150x100cm.
Vibrazione, “Oltre te”, 2018, stampa su carta, legno, seta, 100x70cm.